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Need Help?

Need Help with your vinyl or mesh fence Banners?

Want to talk to a REAL PERSON about custom vinyl banners or mesh fence banners?? Need Help with the design of your custom vinyl banners? We understand banners don't just make themselves. Call us. We can help. We know banners!

Don’t you just hate those sites with No Telephone Number??!!

SO DO WE !!!  -  901-759-0932

If you have any questions at all about vinyl or mesh banners or banners of any kind, email us, or call - 901-759-0932 - Cyndi and she will be glad to help you. We have many many years of experience and understand the banner business.

We've been at this for 17 years. We will treat you with respect, dignity and good old Southern Hospitality :-)

Our hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on Friday, Central Time. After hours, just dial extension 22 and Leave Cyndi a detailed message.

Miscellaneous Information:

How Large a vinyl banner can you make? Since we have the capability to weld the vinyl together, we can actually make banners as large as 6' x 150'.

MESH fence Banners - Mesh Fence Banners are very popular at construction sites and industrial plants.

Wind Slits - We must emphasize here that Mesh Fence Banners made from mesh material are designed specifically for windy conditions and are almost always a better choice than a standard vinyl banner with wind slits. Most people do not even make wind "Slits" like they are supposed to. They make those little half circles that make a banner ugly and actually reduce the banner strength. a TRUE wind slit is a long "SLIT" with a small circular cut out at each end to keep the slit from tearing.

WINDY Conditions - In windy conditions we always recommend MESH fence banners. They allow more air to pass through than wind slits, and are stronger than a banner with the wind slits cut into it. We can even do TWO-sided mesh fence banners if needed. (Most smaller banner manufacturers do not have the equipment to do a mesh fence banner properly, thus they typically push people toward the wind slit solution. In our opinion, wind slits turn a good looking vinyl banner into a banner with unattractive holes in it.)

Grommets - Our standard for vinyl banners 12 feet and under is four grommets. If you need more grommets in your vinyl banners, just let us know.

Banner Finishing

Standard banner finishing is hemmed on all four sides with grommet holes for hanging.

Pole Pockets are used for hanging your banners with a pole at the TOP. Our pole pocket will hold up to a 1” diameter pole or rod. If you need a larger pocket, just let us know.

UPS ground shipping transit times for the United States.

Vinyl and Cloth banners Shipping Transit Times

                MemBan is a subsidiary of New Tech Graphics, Memphis, Tennessee • The Heart & Soul of Rock & Roll

We LOVE Memphis, Tennessee!

Memphis Banner from New Tech Graphics is the largest vinyl banner producer in Memphis, shipping banners to all 50 states and 7 foreign countries.

Satisfaction and Quality Guaranteed.