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Design Tips

Need a few custom vinyl or mesh banners design tips? A little help is below. Designing for vinyl and mesh banners is a bit different than designing for small printed pieces. If you have any questions about your vinyl or mesh banner design, please call us at 901-759-0932. We are here to help you with your banners designing process.

IMPORTANT – If the image does NOT look good to you on your screen, it probably will not look good in print either.

1.) DESIGN SIZE – Always design at FULL SIZE if at all possible. It is best and easiest that way. One inch on your screen equals one inch on your banner. It is MUCH easier to design vinyl and mesh banners this way as visually "what you see on screen, is what you get".

2.) FILE RESOLUTION – At FULL SIZE, we would like 150 DPI. At that dpi, we can take maximum advantage of our banner printers. However, resolutions as low as 50 dpi, at Full Size, may be perfectly acceptable to you. For very large vinyl banners, over 50 square feet, we suggest you drop your resolution to 100 or 75 dpi as the file size may be to large for your computer to handle in a timely manner. At that size, the decreased resolution will not be noticed by the viewer. (NOTE: If we believe the resolution of your banner file is inadequate to produce an acceptable vinyl banner, we will tell you so.)

DISTANCE – We call distance the “Great Healer” for Low Quality Images. What happens is, as one gets further away from the banner, the rough edges and grainy areas merge in the eye and become “smooth”. The image may not look good three or four feet away, but ten to twenty feet away it will probably look just fine, and twenty five to thirty feet away it will look GREAT.

3.) FILE TYPES WE LIKE BEST - HIGH Resolution PDF (at full size) & TIFF are our favorites. When possible, save your file as one of these types: Programs we love are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Just flatten your Photoshop file, or create outlines AND IMBED your images in Illustrator and send us the .EPS file or flatten your Photoshop file and save it as a LZW compression tiff.

4.) QUARK & INDESIGN ALWAYS send us FULL SIZE PDF's from these two programs. We consistently have problems with these native program files, and problems may slow down your delivery time.

5.) POWER POINT - Power Point designs generally reproduce well at larger sizes. The exception is low resolution image files placed into Power Point. Be SURE your layout is the same proportions as your final print size. Use ONLY the fonts that come with Power Point. Use the "View Rulers" option and design using 1 inch = 1 foot. Just send us your Power Point .ppt file as is.

6.) MICROSOFT PUBLISHER – A.) Lay out your banner at the FULL SIZE you want it to be. – B.) Use ONLY the fonts that come with Publisher. C.) Save it as ("Save As...") Tag Image File Format (*.tiff). – D.) Send us the TIF file. This eliminates any font problems.

7.) PROBLEM PROGRAM - Microsoft WORD. Microsoft Word often has font and graphic problems. If you MUST use WORD, use ONLY the standard Word fonts. OFTEN, WORD graphics are low resolution and will not print well, so be careful. If you have any questions – just call.

8.) VERY VERY IMPORTANT – AT ALL TIMES, MAKE SURE your design is PROPORTIONAL to your banner size. If you are not SURE, call us. We will walk you through proportionality.

9.) DESIGN IN A “SAFETY AREA” - Do not place important elements too close to the edge of your banner as it may “crowd” the edge and make it look unprofessional. We suggest a 1” area around your banner where there is no important image element.

Also, if your banner uses "POLE POCKETS", top or bottom, put all text and IMPORTANT design elements at least 2” below the top of the pocket so the graphic does not interfere with the pocket hemline.

Of course, some designs are built to “run off the edge” as part of the “look” of the graphic and that is a perfectly acceptable design look.

10.) APPROVAL PROCESS - Typically the same business day after we receive your design, we will email you a proof for your approval. The following business day after your approval, your production schedule starts.  NOTE:  The proofing process cannot start until an order has been placed.

11.) If you have ANY questions, email or call us for help. We've been at this for 17 years. We will treat you with respect, dignity and Southern Hospitality. You can reach us at [email protected], or 901-759-0932. is a subsidiary of New Tech Graphics, Memphis, Tennessee • The Heart & Soul of Rock & Roll

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